Badland Dreams

from Ink Fo' Blood by Larman Clamor



Drownin' in a pool o' sorrow
Drivin' into a haunted night
All them pills, so hard to swallow
In waves, in waves, here comes the fright
It's ohh-so...

A pilot, she is spirit walkin'
A pilot, she is over cursed bees
Dinosaur bones on a death trap
Sparks o' green over the realms to gleam

Dusk is deep and by your side
Grow some wings and spread them wide

Floatin' in a cloud o' gloom
Bathin' in a well of stars
Feathers cuttin' thru the sombre
On and on into the vast

Yanked out soul, pain never known
Spread your wings and let 'em unfold

Trust your wings
Go trust your wings
Trust your wings
Over the razor heart

Maybe we'll meet in badland dreams
It hurts so bad when she twists the beam
See lights movin' in the sky
Over piles o' bones and wasted lies

All is dead and gone for long
Spread your wings and let 'em unfold
Soothed and given a name o' love
Go taste the wine and meet the wolf

Oooh so...
So low, my love
So deep, my love
Fearful, my love
Mhhh-hmm, hmm-hmmm

Born in blood so long ago
Moist cadaver, just let things go
Lemme put my love into your mouth
Like a naked soul I'll follow your call

Leave behind what you have known
Spread your wings and let 'em unfold
Blessed and given a heart to love
Finally drank the wine and killed the wolf


from Ink Fo' Blood, released November 4, 2021


all rights reserved



Larman Clamor Germany

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