Altars To Turn Blood

by Larman Clamor

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It's like gospel music... but evil. It's bluesy, it's haunting, it's rockin'!
Larman Clamor's second album "Altars To Turn Blood" takes off where the first s/t one left, diving even deeper into the lo-fi, hand-made Drone Blues, weaving it with psyched out, weird elements like Dark Americana chants and Native American percussion, creating an almost Western-like dark atmosphere.
For fans of R.L. Burnside, Tom Waits, Left Lane Cruiser, ZZ Top, Iron Butterfly and Earth.

The CD version comes in a high-quality mini-gatefold sleeve and includes a transparent outdoor bumper-sticker.


"It gives me the feeling of sitting in front of an old illegal distillery somewhere in the Okefenokee Swamp and I'm starting to hallucinate due to the strong booze."

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"Altars To Turn Blood was an album I enjoyed immensly in the limited time I’ve had it. I liked how it could be dark and droney but yet uplifting at times."

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Massive song-by-song review from THE OBELISK:
"Like Wovenhand or Earth, Larman Clamor proves to have an appeal beyond that which their sound might most superficially present."

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released November 4, 2011

All songs written and performed by V.
Album artwork and layout by V, too.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at NORTH OF THE STAIRS, Hamburg.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Altars To Turn Blood
Altars to turn blood
Altars to turn blood
Altars to turn blood
Altars to turn blood into...

Altars to turn blood into...

Smoke, yeah
Smoke... yeah!

You see it?
Watch it!
Can you smell it?
You feel it?
Feel it! You feel it?
Yeah, taste it!
Can you taste it?
Right... now!
Track Name: Deep In The Tar
Yeah, saddle up
Take the path to your right-uh
Me n’ the crow will lead the way-uh

Through the ancient depths and deadly air
Wade through the dark...
Into the deepest tar, hahahahaha
Uh-hooh, yeah
Find it deep in the tar

Bone o’ glory
Petrified and guided by the haint o’ the blind
From deep in the tar

Down, from deep in the tar
Yeah, from the deepest tar

Uh-hooh, yeah
Uh-hooh, yeah

Yeah, from deep in the tar, hahahahaha
Yeah, from the deep o’ the tar
Track Name: Woven From Blood
Put an ear on the ground
And you’ll hear him coming
He’s after you

Once you’ve got it all
You’ll lose it all
You’ll be bated and then he’ll come...
Yeah, he’s woven from blood

You gotta hide it, deep in the earth, yeah
So no one ever finds it
It is purified
And you’re horrified
Wrathful, right?
Cos y’re a-woven from blood

Woven from blood
Vengeance woven from blood, yeah

The Aether lizards guide the rider at dawn
Yeah, he’s woven from blood

And he’ll get out o’ya
Through the veins you know
Cos he’s woven from all your blood
Feel the weaving now?
Feel the weaving now?
He’ll hamstring you and bury ya
Deep... in the earth’s fine soil
Tween the mud and maggots
Sand and stone, oh

So no one ever finds ya
So no one ever finds ya

I’m the one eternal now
And I’s woven
I’s woven... from blood...
I’s woven... from blood...
Track Name: Limb Creek Boogie
Oh, it’s dire to atone
For the sins bein’ on
When your scarred, when you caught
And you roll and ya whine
With yer cards and ally gone, yeah
Ya got the Voodoo on fo’ sure
Bring on the Limb Creek Boogie now, yeah

And once you’re ready, you’ll get outta the mud
Just like that, yeah
When ya come in, ya scrawl down a naughty eye
And ya scar it, cos ya sole did right

Then ya’ll know that the Voodoo has gone
Yeah, the Limb Creek Boogie is on
Turn it up now!
The Limb Creek Boogie, oh yeah

Aw-haw, you just got to mess up right, yeah
And all the Voodoo’s gone now
All’s just dammed
And you’ll be ridin’ down that river
And it’s raining
And bad things a’bout to eat your soul


You sought it right
And you caught it right
Out on a prowl on the river, a beaded night
And the bale and all the Voodoo’s gone
Once the Limb Creek Boogie was on
Yeah, y’re ridin’ down that road again, now
The Limb Creek Boogie is on, yeah

Oh, the Limb Creek Boogie is on
All you need is the Limb Creek Boogie now
Track Name: Phantom & Rhinosaur
Coulda sworn that you seen her
Coulda sworn that she gave a smile

She was ridin’ on him
Down the road
down the road, yeah

Her veilin’ movin’ in the wind
Floatin’, yeah...

Yes, it’s rainin’, all refined now
And lilies all around...

Growin’ outta her path
Trapped in this night
Can’t go running out on me now

Soon it will go
Track Name: Handful Of Hex
I am forever, a hell hound
Gone to heaven and I got around
Darkness won’t help you figure it out
No use’a hidin’ when ya go runnin’ all alone
Alone, mmh-yeah

With your gun in hand and your powder in mouth
God has it a hard way comin’ for you to go down

Gonna track you down
Gonna hunt you down
Gonna bring you down
With a handful of hex, yeah
I come to hunt ya down, to bring you down
Gonna struck you down
With a handful of hex

With a handful of hex
Yeah, a handful of hex

I heard your callin’ and I’ve come to kill your kind
In the Valley Of Sweat ya won’t grout anyone

Gonna track you down
Gonna bring you down
Gonna struck you down
With a handful of hex, ah!
Handful of hex
Handful of hex, yeah
A handful of hex
A handful of hex
A handful of hex

By my handful of hex will ya be struck down
And you gonna break down to all yer gabb’ness
In this here haunted night
Dreams... will all pour on out
And y’r gonna drink yer own blood
As I drain it all out
With a handful of hex
With a handful of hex
With a handful of hex

Yeah, with a handful of hex
I’m gonna bring ya down, bring ya down
Track Name: Black Sheep
Wake up, black sheep
Oh, here come the rain now
A mulberry is all
All that she got
Tied to red oak agone
Bane in all’o her heart

Hell’s gonna reign tonight
Aw, yeah
Hey, hardly sane
And brains tormented, yeah

Cut her head off
Got insane... yeah
A black sheep...
With skin and bane

Rain turns to acid now
Will he burn it all off?
An’ we’re all layin’ down... to die